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Welcome to the FABRE-TP website


The Sustainable Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology Platform (FABRE-TP) has started as an initiative of pro active partners in breeding in 2005, then continued as an EC funded project, and is now in its third phase.
The platform tackles major issues concerning sustainability, animal breeding and reproduction in Europe. Taking into account "what is happening in the developing world". 
The Technology Platform is industry led, with strong involvement of many stakeholders. A Vision Paper for the coming 10-25 years has been developed, and was signed by EC Research Commissioner Potočnik. The management of approximately 120 organisations have committed themselves to the FABRE-TP Vision. Based on the Vision, a Strategic Research Agenda and an Implementation Plan have been developed. EC supported this activity by means of a project. The documents are used by the European Commission to set up their vision and research agenda fur the near and long term future. All information can be downloaded from this website. 
FABRE-TP is officially recognised by the European Commission,
as one of the two animal based European Technology Platforms.
Since 2009, FABRE-TP continues, as requested by the stakeholders, as an informal platform, funded by a number of the stakeholders: EFFAB, BKTN (formerly Genesis Faraday), INRA, Nofima and Wageningen UR. EAAP is an observer to FABRE TP.
This website informs you about FABRE-TP and our activities. Vision papers, strategic research agendas and more documents can be found at Downloads.
FABRE-TP is participating in the Knowledge Based Bio Economy Technology Platforms (BECOTEPS). This project is a joined effort of nineTechnology Platforms in the Bioeconomy area to improve collaboration between stakeholders in the Bioeconomy area.

FABRE-TP wants to provide platform for Good Practice stories. The Good Practice stories give professionals, researchers, organisations, or others active in animal breeding research the opportunity to place their activity in the spotlight. A national project can be showcased; businesses, innovation models or partnerships may be promoted - in short, something interesting from animal breeding research for others. 
Do you have a Good Practice you want to highlight, or do you know a Good Practice that is interesting for others? Send your idea or article to, your Good Practice will then be published on our website and in the newsletter


Inspiring innovations, state-of-the-art developments, innovative ways of working together, and networking opportunities for industry, researchers and policy-makers. This was central at the FABRE-TP Innovation Day at April 9, 2014 in Brussels.
For the presentations, click here.
For a report of the day, click here

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Overview FABRE-TP 2012 and forward look on 2013 Click here for more information about the SRA of FABRE-TP, the new SRA including the expert group reports and the presentations of the new SRA at the EAAP Conference in Stavanger, Norway, in August 2011.

Interview with Anne-Marie Neeteson, the former coordinator of FABRE-TP.

White paper - The European Bioeconomy in 2030